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      3. about zhongkeAbout
        • 2017year

          2017  The company successfully joined the team of quasi public companies.

          The issuance of corporate bonds for Zhongke Holding was successful.

          The new leadership team came to Zhongke Holding.

        • 2016year

          2016  The enterprise standardization was constantly advancing, and the transformation & upgrading have been initially achieved.

          The issuance of corporate bonds was formally approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

          The ranking for “The Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2016” rose steadily to 298th.

          Set up the Zhongke Daye Architecture Science and Technology Group to promote the architecture industrialization.

          Breakthrough is made in PPP project.

        • 2015year

          2015  Zhongke reset its goal by officially releasing the strategic plan.

          The Land Garden was acquired to expand the industrial chain.

          Invest in abroad and promote the “Belt and Road” initiative in Laos.

        • 2014year

          2014  Corporate governance, along with the linkage platform was accumulated steadily.

          The construction method at state level was created, and the first board of directors and the board of supervisors were set up.

          Set up Zhongke Finance Control Group and the Hong Kong branch.

          Formulated the five-year strategic development goal for “2015-2020”

        • 2013year

          2013  Aggregation of peers, information construction and deepening of internal work

          Built the private company battleship for Fuling - Fushang Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

          Developed EAS integrated management system, which was rated as a model of construction enterprise information construction.

          Built the internal bank to achieve centralized and unified management of funds and substantially improved the management level of the group’s funds

          Implemented equity reform: sharing 40% of stakes with employees to promote common prosperity.

        • 2012year

          2012 The Output value broke 10 billion for the first time, and entered the Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises

          Ranked 398th among Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises

          The revenue reached 10.23 billion Yuan and the strategic goal of “stepping into ten billion” was completed ahead of time

        • 2011year

          The integration of resources is extended and the system competitiveness has been greatly improved

          Zhongke Tuzheng Industrial Group was established to extend the industrial chain on the basis of the construction industry.

          Integrated the commercial complex, building materials trade, equipment leasing, logistics and other business

        • 2010year

          Zhongke Holding was established and the group management was developed in large-scale.

          Zhongke Holding was established and the management pattern of control & hold by group was confirmed.

          With the strategic policy of “rooted in Chongqing, reach to the entire country”, Zhongke forms a large business network, which makes Chongqing as the center and covers China’s southwest, east, north and south, the base regions including Beijing, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guizhou, and Xi’an.

        • 2009year

          The investment sector strongly rose, entering the top 100 companies of Chongqing.

          Tongde Investment Group was established, which reached a strategic cooperation with a number of local governments and other large enterprises, such as Jinke and Macalline.

          Zhongke ranked 50th in the top 500 of national construction enterprises, and 27th in the top 100 enterprises in Chongqing.

        • 2008year

          By double expansion for both industry and region, it grew from a mere building enterprise to diversified development.

          Developed the ecological agriculture and entered into Beijing, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities.

          Invested nearly 500 million Yuan to build the [Modern Agricultural Garden in Fuling, Chongqing]

        • 2007year

          The Output value broke one billion for the first time, and expanded out of Chongqing.

          Maintained a high-speed growth of 50% per year and the output value of one billion

          Set up branches in Chengdu and Wuxi to establish the special brand for Zhongke Construction.

        • 2006year

          2006  The Zhongke Construction was officially established.

          Construct the father of garden house – [the Chinese Place]

          Won the top prize for Chongqing construction quality – “Bayu Cup”