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        • Zhongke Construction

          Since its establishment in 2006, Zhongke Construction has been developing for more than ten years and has become a group company that has a number of general contracting qualifications, including municipal engineering, housing construction and so on. More than 50 projects of municipal public utilities, road & bridge, water conservancy and hydropower are under construction. It is a large construction group with a total contract value of over 30 billion Yuan.
          Zhongke Construction has built large public projects such as gymnasium and grand theatre, and has maintained long-term cooperation with many famous housing companies such as Vanke, Country Garden, China Resources, Poly and so on. The total contract value is nearly 20 billion Yuan, and the average annual housing construction volume is 5 million cubic meters. Zhongke Construction sets its goal as “hundred years of buildings with Chinese first-class”, taking the R & D as the core by establishing the Zhongzhu Building Design Institute, to widely apply and develop BIM technology. Zhongke Construction actively explores the green & energy-saving building by establishing provincial technology center, participating in the formulation of national industry standards, and creating over 40 national and provincial construction technologies & patents. The improvement of core competitiveness paves the way for its leading position in the industry. It ranks 25th among the top 100 enterprises of China’s Most Promising Enterprises in Construction Industry.
          Zhongke and Fuling Daye Building Materials Group jointly set up the Zhongke Daye New Building Materials Group Company, which is dedicated to the study of new building materials and new construction technology upgrade. Zhongke has maintained strategic partnership with Chuandong Shipbuilding Heavy Industries, Chongqing University, Shandong University, Chinese Building Materials Academy, and Taiwan Ruentex Group, while the acquires Beijing BIM Tech to form the cross discipline alliance of “production, study and research”.

        Zhongke Building

        The Zhongke Building has four major technologies of architecture industrialization. The overall prefabricated rate of the project is 51%, and the assembly rate is 61%, which makes it maintain the leading position in China. As the first batch of Chongqing prefabricated buildings, it is listed as a municipal key project by the Chongqing Construction Commission. Zhongke constructs this high-quality project with the craftsman spirit by adopting steel and concrete composite structure, using a series of new building materials and prefabricated parts; at the same time, innovated project management is applied by using the digital information management, along with the advanced technology and instrument, such as BIM, VR, 3D measurement, to achieve the fine project management. At the same time, the Taiwan Ruentex provides the whole process guidance for project management to ensure the realization of new technology and method. More than 80% of the pollution can be reduced in dust, noise, waste water and construction waste, which has great social benefits.

        Four major technological upgrading
        • Structural system upgrading
        • Upgrading of new building materials
        • Upgrading of assembly construction technology
        • Information management upgrading
        PPP Project

        The PPP business model is the core operation strategy of the company. The development orientation is to combine the architecture industrialization + PPP project by focusing resources on expanding the PPP project, learning development pattern of outstanding counterparts, seizing the opportunity, strengthening the construction of marketing channels, promoting the PPP project development, and cooperating with the central enterprises & state-owned enterprises, to promote the implementation of quality project. In the recent two years of research and trial, the company’s PPP business has made substantial progress and breakthroughs. As of now the Zhongke Group has been successful in the contracts of 8 PPP projects, including the section of Lanzhou New District to Lanzhou in Gansu Province of the National Highway from Wuhai to Maqin (G1816), the road construction for south section of Hongnan Road in Southern New Zone in Qixingguan District of Bijie city, urban leisure tourism zone in Wuhou District of Chengdu, tourism center for Water Margin hometown, with a total of investment of 30 billion Yuan. The Zhongke expects to achieve more than 50 billion Yuan of PPP project contracts in 3 years.